Top 5 Problems resulted in not adopting project management practices.

Top 5 Problems resulted in not adopting project management practices.

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Here in this blog, we will discuss project management and its importance and the problems that arise when not adopting its practices, but before we start let us agree on the definition of project management.

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the Project requirements.

The absence of project management practices will have a huge negative impact, let’s dig deep to know the top five of them:

1. Decreases the chances of the project’s success.

By not performing the management practices we will be more deviating from the business objectives of the project, as these practices will be concentrating on planning and monitoring/controlling these objectives.

2. Unsatisfied stakeholder’s expectations.

This could be one of the major disadvantages, and most of the management practices are built around it, considering that the project is all about the stakeholder’s requirements, so the good practices will focus a lot on how to collect, manage, monitor, and control these requirements.

3.  Uncontrolled and unbalanced constraints of the project.

Who didn’t hear about the project constraints (cost, time, quality, or scope), the project management practices aren’t focused only on managing and controlling these three factors, but it is also focused on balancing the influence like increased scope may increase cost or schedule, thus the absence of these practices will lead the project to be in poor quality, with inevitable delays, and cost overruns.

4. Inability to manage the changes.

Changes are inevitable facts in any project, the changes in the business environment are a fact that will influence the project especially when we are managing a long-duration project, therefore the need of managing and controlling these changes are vital, and this will not be done efficiently in the absence of such practices.

5. Loss of reputation of the organization.

This might be the most important factor, in the business world, organizations are weighted for their reputation, who would like to cooperate with an organization that can’t manage their projects?

As we can see from the above points the use of project managing practice are vital especially when any organization or individual initiated a project, now we are living in a highly competitive and change-driven environment where the resources are limited and the optimal usage of it is not a choice but an essential step.

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