The development of construction materials in Jordan

The development of construction materials in Jordan

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has been historically known for its architectural and construction techniques, as well as construction materials, that are driven by its geography. For example, the Nabataeans carved the pink rock found in southern Jordan, which remains to this day as one of the most prominent and beautiful human constructions of all times. In addition, there are several stone castles scattered over Jordan’s mountains. The Roman monuments and ruins can also be found in the northern part of the country. 

Stone plays a fundamental role in the contemporary construction of Jordan as one of the oldest building materials currently used. Some people admire its unique nature, while others call for the use of more modern and sustainable technologies in construction projects. Here lies our question in this article about the current and future directions of the construction sector in our beloved country, as well as the development of building materials. We shall answer this next.

Development of building technologies and materials used in Jordan

The technological advancements in building and construction techniques is only the beginning of what is happening now and what may happen in the future. These reflect directly on the interior and architectural designs of storefronts and even the headquarters of companies. Wherever you wander around the capital’s streets, you see the interiors that keep pace with the contemporary and post-contemporary era, using materials that are alien to the traditional architectural language of the Jordanian state.

Among these materials, for example, is wood, of all kinds, which designers manipulate to distribute and divide the work areas as required. Concrete, too, has always accompanied stone in modern Jordanian construction, as it usually forms the structural framework for most of the projects built in the kingdom’s governorates. Moreover, in traditional construction, bricks made from cement are usually used to divide spaces as non-bearing walls.

We can also notice the accelerating trend in rapid and sustainable construction in Jordan. We may see some facilities using steel structures to speed up construction at the expense of the project’s cost. As for those opposed to this type of building materials and technology, they usually comment on the lack of experience and knowledge of such techniques within the local workforce.

The users experience inner and outer spaces through the quality of its finishing works. Materials such as the various types of paint, tiles, as well as gypsum panels and its decor, reflect certain feelings in each of these spaces. Those building materials have different specifications and types, and their use differs according to design’s factors and inputs.

Pricing construction projects

The price of constructing a residential or commercial project, or even its finishing works, depends on the quality of the building materials used and their specifications. Inquiring in the Jordanian market about the price of a barebone structure will yield various answers based on the materials, daily wage for the workers and the fee for the contractors.

It is very important not to underestimate the price of implementing the project, as this may lead to the use of low-quality materials or insufficient quantities. Here, we would like to remind you about the importance of examining the quality of any built structure you are willing to purchase, through construction details, plans, etc., before completing the transaction.

The importance of the right execution of construction projects

What distinguishes built projects in Jordan from each other is not only decided by the types of building materials used and their specifications, but also the quality and accuracy of implementing the design plans and ideas presented by the project owner or the designing office. Here lies the secret of successfully executing projects – by choosing a contractor working with the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism to implement your ideas on the ground. Phi Contracting Co is proud to have worked with a number of major clients locally and regionally, and we are ready to provide assistance and advice as soon as you contact us and at any time.