Interior Design in 2021

Interior Design in 2021

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The increased economic competition we live in today is leading entrepreneurs towards projects based on the user’s experience in enclosed spaces. An example is the boom of specialized coffee houses that Jordan has witnessed in the past few years. This proves the overall inclination towards starting up businesses requiring creative, contemporary, and attractive interior designs. Here we will be discussing  in our definitive article this active area of ​​design and some other related ideas.

First off, interior design is considered part of the environmental design, as it is closely linked to architecture and urban design. It is known as interior architecture as well. Can you imagine your workplace or study place without furniture, lighting, and décor?

The design of internal spaces, the process of choosing materials, colors, and meticulous details have a direct impact on the psychological state of those who visit these spaces. Each of them requires knowledge of the users and their goals through their presence in this place in order to design it properly.

Requirements of earning interior design certificate

In most countries of the world, and in Jordan, those who are interested in the field of interior design are required to apply for a university degree in the same major or with any of the related majors, such as architecture, pass certain tests, and register with a union such as the Jordan Engineers Association, to practice design work and approve its authorization from the official bodies.

Studying this major provides the student with the opportunity to acquire different computer skills in a number of contemporary engineering programs, learn how to manage clients and deal with them, and obtain a significant financial returns (depending on the designer’s experience). On the other hand, the designer must work for long hours for this type of work, and face stiff competition in a market of local and international designers. You can learn more about the requirements for studying this major on this website.

Types and branches of interior design

We can classify interior design based on work areas of designers who have university certificate in this major. So, we see the interior designer has an important participating  factor in kitchen design and structuring of cabinets, and we also see the designer in small and large engineering offices, in order to design business premises and residential properties. The designer may also work in furniture stores and designing, or designing exterior facades or even interior lighting! Although, the implementation of these projects ,of all sizes, may require a contracting company specialized in the same field.

Invitation to save time and effort!

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