6 proofs that dealing with a reputable contractor can save you money

6 proofs that dealing with a reputable contractor can save you money

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It’s known in the construction market here in Jordan that a reputable contractor will charge 10 to 20 percent over actual project construction costs to compensate themselves for their services. So the question which is roaming in everyone’s head is: Can I save 10 to 20 percent on the cost of my home if I build on my own? The short answer is yes, it is possible, but only when I am that contractor!

Why are the contractor’s costs lower than yours?

This is the question that confronts us, how can I pay more and save money, the case is the contractor’s cost is lower than your cost!

To dig deeper, the contractor in their business journey established strong relations and trust and fairness connections with the sub-contractors and suppliers, this allows their sub-contractors to know what to expect for the project output and this clear vision will lead them not to charge more.

while when this sub-contractor deals directly with the client, these data are vague and with their absences, he will charge more!

Moreover, the sub-contractors and supplier knows that their relationship with the contractor is not about one project, there will be plenty of present and future cooperation which make them provide the contractor with a better price than providing it with a client directly as the same condition might not apply.

And now the question which is raised is…….

How can I gain more while dealing with a contractor?

1. A reputable contractor is your single point of contact.

As it is hard and costly to negotiate with all the trades and suppliers and get the best match, the contractor will save you time and energy.

And as explained earlier this is one of the main advantages of a good contractor.

2.  A reputable contractor executes the plans with high precision and pulls permits and builds “as per the code” or above.

No place for harming reworks, clear client expectations are implemented as per the design and vision, and the contractor’s know-how stands clearly here.

3. A reputable contractor’s insurance policies and experience will save you money and eliminate the risk caused by the project execution.

Who can handle the negative consequences of the risks caused by the project executions, such as safety hazards and the list goes on?

4. A reputable contractor keeps your project on schedule and within budget and They Save You Time, which is Money.

And that is a big subject, and one of the biggest gains from dealing with a contractor, a good reputable contractor is having the ability to plan and execute the project as planned.

5. A reputable contractor can provide you with all the necessary warranties to make sure that you have a well-executed project and a fair payoff for your money spent.

You must make sure that you can set back and relax while the project is being executed, and how to make this happen without having a warranty from a reputable entity.

6. A reputable contractor can provide the client with visionary insight into the feasibility of execution prior to the start, thus saving the cost of changes.

One of the added values is as you are paying not for services only but for experiences, insights, and know-how.

So, our advice for you is to think about the complete picture and never underestimate the necessity of dealing with a reputable contractor in your projects, as you will gain in all aspects.

We at Phi Contracting Co. have been helping many companies and individuals to save their time and money while executing their projects as planned, feel free to contact us for your next project and we will be happy to serve.