5 Reasons to paint your next project

5 Reasons to paint your next project

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Since painting enhances the look of buildings, it is a common element of renovation projects. However, paints have additional uses beyond improving appearance. Knowing the performance features of each type of paint is important to select the best product for each application.

Valid reasons for painting

Paint in construction is usually used for the following reasons; protecting surfaces from insects, rain, solar radiation and other external factors. Simpler maintenance; well painted surfaces are easier to keep clean and safe. Increasing the visual appeal of a surface. Waterproofing. And it increases surface durability.

Benefits of Painting

Before selecting the type of paint for a specific application, its physical properties must be considered. 

Ease of application and reasonable drying period. It forms a thin film without cracking and a hard and durable coating. Its performance should not be affected by the weather nor is it harmful for users.

Types of Paints

There several types of paint depending on the application and design required. For example; there is oil paint. Oil paints use white lead as a base, and are applied in three coats: primer, undercoat and finish coat. Oil paints can achieve mat and glossy finishes, while being durable and affordable. They are characterized by their ease of application, and painted surfaces are easy to clean. Oil paint is commonly used in walls, doors, windows and metal structures

Enamel paint is another common type of paint. This type is produced by adding lead or zinc to varnish. Pigments are added to achieve a wide variety of colors. Enamel paints form hard and glossy coatings, which are easily cleaned. They are characterized by being waterproof and chemically resistant, offering good coverage and color retention.

You can find many other types of paint that can suit your recommendations and designs through this link

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